Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Invesment.

eh,, investment ke??

bole la kot.

i spend some of my money to buy this new beg.

since my sem 3 is about to start,, so i guess i wnt to invest some of my money for this new beg. at least bole bwk g klass.

so,, i went to pyrmid wth my mom,,..

ask her opinion whch one yg cntik..

so,, we both agree to setle wth ths one..

ok la kan. from CHARLES & KEITH.

ermm,, my next investment??

few month from now..

nk save up some money for this new phone..

the new model tht i've been waiting for is in the store already.. saw it on the newspaper just now..

the price?? xla mhl sgt.. ok2 je la..


* wish for a lott of money. i mean A LOTT!!!


donna said...

wah tahniah! beg for new sem! tahniah! =D

me_ash said...

haha,, farah nie...

bb kiki said...

beg baru 4 new sem?

nk pinjm!!ahahah..lallaalala


me_ash said...

nk pnjm ea??

nh2,, amek la...