Saturday, March 20, 2010


this is how my friday went.

subway for lunch.

new pair of jeans. this time, i choose 'straight cut'. looks good on me :). Dorothy Perkins.

stock up new eyeliner. been wearing this for some time now. doesn't smudge at all. Elianto

its me. Stiletto printed tshirt from SEED ; black skinny jeans from Marks & Spencer ; Crocs shoe ; handbag from korea ;

my typical friday.

how bout urs??



wany dolly said...

eyeliner elianto oke xkaka?besh x?hihi

woaa..sopink xajak..majok r cmni..T.T

me_ash said...

elianto nye oke la.. beshh.. xslekeh sgt kai.. heee...

haha, ini bkn shppng, ini tershpng.. agagagag :p

Hana Jaffar said...

i need gel eyeliner yg dlm botol punya. elianto ada kan? the bottle or the one you're using...mana better??

me_ash said...

rse elianto ade dlm botol pnye. kte xsuke pkai gel, sbb tu gne yg pensil stick je. tp rsenye yg gel pon bgos gak kot.