Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Before the day end..

HAPPY 21st BDAY MISS LIYANA KAHAR KAMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

may all ur wishes come true~

btw, me and the other wifeyy had a mini celebration at the secret receipi. though its simple, yet so memorable. we had funfunfun!. (:

Bday Girl.

muke excited dpt present. haha.

hearts :')

anyway, i heard there's a lot of plan that is going on. haha. skejap mcm tu, skejap mcm ni.. pe la.. mastermind die sp lgi, kalo bkn aqma ngn mint. haha.

aku ngn jo, just go with the flow. padahal kteowng xtau pe2 sgt pon plan. yg aku tau, mint kate jgn msg yana ape2. haha.. da la ujn mlm tu. nsib xjam. ngehh :p

what ever it is, i know it will be so much fun to have ur loves one around you no matter where u are. walaupn kt secret receipi taipan je. haha. gle sempoi.

the other 3 wifey, lina, aqma n mint da sebok ngn praktikal. left me n jojo je.

hmm, jo, karoke jom!! haha. mari jeleskn mereka. ngehh3 :p

time to go. bye2 XD

pictures taken from blog aqma.


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Lyna said...

ak xphm knp xleh tau ko n jo dtg ... hahaha